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Our equipment is top of the line utilizing both hot and cold water.

Our power washing services include house exterior washing plus cleaning your gutters, driveway, sidewalks, patio, deck and much more. We are a fully-insured family owned business that has operated in the Wake Forest NC area for several years. Our staff strives to provide high quality professional services at affordable rates.


We recommend cleaning the exterior of your home every 12-18 months. Doing this not only enhances the exterior appearance of your home, but it also protects your siding and paint from the harmful effects of mold and mildew. Even if you do not think that the exterior of your home appears to be dirty, the mold and mildew continue to build up. A thorough pressure wash of your home will leave it looking great.

Exterior Experts uses only the best, professional grade cleaning solutions and the best hot and cold water equipment available. Using these products gives us an edge over some of our “bargain basement” competitors. We can produce great results at competitive prices and make sure that the job is completed correctly the first time. Our staff will have your property looking its best while protecting any surface we clean.

Our process begins with a commercial cleaning and brightening solution. This kills mildew and mold and helps to keep it from coming back. One advantage to the use of commercial chemicals is that they allow us to turn the pressure down on our machines as well as allowing us to use 40 degree wide angle nozzles to do the cleaning. This allows us to be confident that there is no damage to the structural integrity of the building.


wake forest home pressure washing before

Pressure Washing Home Before

wake forest home pressure washing after

Pressure Washing Home After

Pressure Washing Home in Wake Forest, NC


Curb appeal is one of the top items that real estate agents list as important factors for selling a home. Whether you are looking to sell your property or simply want your home to continue looking its best, pressure washing your driveway can make a huge impact.

Our staff will clean the driveway to free it from algae, which can build up over time causing the driveway to appear black and also cause it to be slick. Once the process is started on your driveway you will be amazed at the difference – even if you didn’t think that the driveway was dirty.

Our equipment is top of the line and utilizes both cold and hot water. By heating the water our team is able to remove tough stains and items such as gum from the surface.

Our staff will finish cleaning the driveway with a cold water rinse, resulting in amazing finished product without gouging or chipping your concrete. It is important when choosing a company to clean your driveway that they have the proper equipment to do so without damaging your property.

The first thing that someone sees when walking up to your home is your sidewalk and we all know that first impressions are lasting, so make sure that your sidewalk gives the best impression by being clean. A freshly washed sidewalk can have a dramatic effect on the curb appeal of your home – especially when done in conjunction with a driveway cleaning and a well manicured lawn.

Our staff takes extra steps to insure the plants and natural areas around your sidewalks are not harmed during the cleaning process. We use varied levels of pressure during the washing process and take care to insure that the sidewalk is cleaned with no damaging effects to your plants and natural areas.

As with our driveway washing process, our staff utilizes both hot and cold water to achieve the desired level of cleanliness. Our pressure washing equipment is at top of the line and we bring our own water, which is not something that the average homeowner thinks to ask when pricing out companies.

driveway pressure washing before

Driveway Pressure Washing Home Before

driveway pressure washing after

Driveway Pressure Washing Home After


Gutter cleaning is essential to remove the debris from your gutters and allow the water to run through smoothly. Our staff uses techniques to assure that your gutters and down spouts are flowing freely. Most homeowners do not relish the task of cleaning gutters as the process almost always involves ladders to access the gutters along the roof line. Let our staff take the worry and risk off of your shoulders and have the job completed in most cases in a hour or two.

The importance of gutter cleaning is more than simply the aesthetics of having a clean look, it can also effect the integrity of your home. When rainwater is not allowed to flow freely through the gutter system then the overflow can cause damage in the form of wood rot, rusting, and even cause your gutters to pull loose from their mountings. The runoff water draining properly away from the house is also an important factor that our staff will be happy to check during their service call.

gutter cleaning before

Gutter Cleaning Before

gutter cleaning after

Gutter Cleaning After


Your deck should be a place of relaxation and enjoyment. To keep this area clean and looking its best it is important to hire the right company to pressure wash it. An inexperienced pressure washing company can damage a wood deck easily. It is important to know how much pressure to apply and how close to bring the wand during cleaning. The staff at Exterior Experts have years of experience cleaning all types of outdoor living areas, from wood decks to concrete patios, to pool decks and everything in between. Pool decks should be cleaned at least every year and our clients with trees and shrubs surrounding their pool decks a cleaning every 6 months is recommended.

deck power washing before

Deck Power Washing Before

deck power washing after

Deck Power Washing After

porch power washing before

Porch Power Washing Before

porch power washing after

Porch Power Washing After

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