Exterior Experts offers lawn maintenance services including; mowing , aeration, seeding, mulching, fertilization, weed control, leaf removal and much, much more.  All of our lawn maintenance services are performed by our professional staff freeing up your time to enjoy the spring, summer, and fall months.  

One of Exterior Experts well-manicured lawns.

One of Exterior Experts well-manicured lawns.


When you contract with Exterior Experts to care for your lawn we take that responsibility seriously.  We gauge the height at which your lawn will be cut by several factors such as weather conditions, type of grass growing, the time of year, and the time requested between lawn cuts.

Lawn trimming and edging will be done in all areas that need attention which mowers cannot reach.  These areas include curbs, driveways, natural areas, trees, and sidewalks.  Trimming and edging of your lawn leaves you with a polished, manicured look to the finished product.

Upon completion of the lawn mowing service our staff insures that the grass clippings are blown off of your driveway, sidewalks and roads.  Our staff makes an extra effort to insure that the lawn you come home to is one that is neat and clean.

Our lawn maintenance pricing is affordable and our staff is  professional, courteous, and detail oriented.  Contact us today to start your Exterior Experts Lawn Maintenance plan – we offer weekly, bi-weekly, or specialized lawn maintenance plans.


If there is a single thing that you could do to help improve your lawn it would be aeration.  Aeration is a process in which plugs of soil are removed from the ground.  This, in turn, allows for air, water, and nutrients to have better access to the roots of the grass and gives your seed it’s best possible chance for successful germination.  Soil compaction happens over time and aeration breaks this up, allowing the root zone to be exposed to greater amounts of oxygen and water – making your lawn grow thicker and healthier. 

Our staff uses top of the line, high germination rate seed blends that perform well in our specific region.  We select our seed blend based on your specific needs and current lawn health.

Contact us today to receive an analysis of your lawn so that we may determine the action plan best suited to bring your lawn to its full potential. 


De-thatching is a process which removes all the dead grass that is left-over from cuttings and from natural grass reduction.  De-thatching is an important step to take in a yard prior to seeding because this insures that the seed comes in contact with the soil instead of laying on top of old, dead grass.


It is important for the health of your property to maintain proper mulching.  Just two or three inches of mulch can help maintain moisture, enrich the soil, and minimize weeds.  Mulch also provides a layer of insulation to help buffer your plants from extreme hot or cold temperatures.  Water retention is a big benefit of mulch and it allows roots to maintain moisture in between waterings.  Mulch helps to combat soil compaction and this helps to add nutrients to the soil.

Lawn fertilization is vital to a green, healthy lawn.

Lawn fertilization is vital to a green, healthy lawn.


It is vital for your lawn maintenance company to be familiar with the soils in the areas in which they work.  To give your lawn the nourishment it needs to keep growing strong and thick we use fertilizers that we know will work in the lawns of Wake Forest, NC and surrounding area.

Fertilization is important because it provides your lawn and plants with the nutrients necessary to establish a strong root system, it’s foundation.  Even an established lawn benefits from fertilization because the foundation continues to be supported.


There are several methods to control weeds in your lawn and natural areas – from the traditional weed pulling to the use of chemicals and many in between.  It is important to work with a lawn care professional to determine the right course of action.  Exterior Experts staff can walk you through your choices and help you determine the right choice.  We attack weeds and crabgrass at the appropriate time using a pre-emergent herbicide that soaks into the soil and then follows this treatment up on an as needed basis.


Imagine coming home from work and seeing that all of your fallen leaves had been cleaned up and removed, allowing your home and landscape to be on prominent display.  As part of our lawn maintenance plans we can include leaf removal so that you don’t ever have to worry about making time to rake the leaves – and you know the cost up front so there are no surprises. 


Pruning allows your landscape to flourish by addressing concerns such as shape and overall appearance, not to mention safety and structural integrity of your property.  Pruning plants and shrubs improves the health of the tree or plant by removing dead or dying branches.  Flowering and bloom production are increased by regular pruning of your plants and shrubs.  Trimming of trees reduces landscape hazards such as falling limbs.  Mostly trimming and pruning give your overall landscape a manicured look and improves its overall appearance.


A landscape is an investment that requires maintenance and care to keep it looking its best.  Occasionally this will require the removal of existing trees and brush from the vicinity to make room for other landscaping needs.  Our staff will work with you to determine if there are any elements of your existing landscape that need to be removed for the overall benefit of your property.  If there are elements that need to be removed then our expert staff will remove them from your landscape and transport them off of the property.